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Vertex BD - Leading BIM Software for CFS Framed Construction

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Vertex BD - Leading BIM Software for Wood Framed Construction

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      Vertex CAD/PDM Systems Pty Ltd

is the number one Building Information Model (BIM) software provider

for steel and timber in Australia, New Zealand and Asia


   Residential       Commercial   Modules & pods


Speed, accuracy and only the best quality - FrameMac's key to success

FrameMac's focus is on continuous product development and providing domestic and international clients with the best quality equipment.

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Comprehensive tools for engineering in Vertex BD 2017

With the new Vertex BD 2017 version you can use Out-Of-Plane trusses and engineer them. You also get flexible FEA tools for frame engineering.

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  Vertex BD 2017

Now with automatic Out-of-Plane truss framing

The new version of Vertex BD Building Design enables you to show and edit objects in multiple drawings. It also contains several enhanced component browsers with new filtering and search capabilities.

Vertex BD 2017 includes a highly awaited new feature - it now also supports out-of-plane trusses.

Find out more about Vertex BD 2017. Available now.

Vertex - with 40 years of experience

Vertex has provided quality software solutions for a variety of industries worldwide for four decades.




Green Build Expo - Shanghai 2017

Vertex will be featured at the Green Build Expo in Shanghai on July 5-7, 2017.

Come visit us at our booth E3-187.

Find more information about the expo here

2017 The Second China (Guangzhou) International Roll Forming Expo

Come visit us at our booth B142 in September 10-12, 2017.

CIEHI 2017, Beijing China

Vertex Australia will take part of the CIEHI exhibition on October 12-14, 2017, in Beijing China. We look forward to seeing you at our booth E2916.

CIEHI 2017 website

Pictures from PMMHF 2017

Vertex Australia was exhibiting at the PMMHF 2017 show in Guangzhou, China in May.

Pictures and insights from the show here

What People Are Saying



"We are always looking at taking the product to a new level and Vertex is along for the ride. Ensuring that they maintain the platform to meet our every need is what they do and it's what they do best."
-Stoddart Steel House Frames


"Since the implementation of Vertex, the time taken to design a typical dwelling has been reduced by over 50% and design issues have been reduced by around 90%."
-B&J Building Consultants and Steel Supplies


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